Flood control system due on line in northern France

Flood control system due on line in northern France

Engaged since 2012 in the Floodcom project, L'Institution Interdepartementale des Wateringues (IIW) is producing a major flood control data system in northern France that will allow technicians access to real time information on water levels, pumping stations, flood gates and sea levels.

One important aspect the IIW is working on is centralisation of data in order to make the whole system more efficient and secure. The project will also be used as a wider information tool to provide information to the public at times of flooding.

Besides these initiatives, the French partners are producing a communication and education programme to inform the population and raise awareness of flooding issues and water management.

Severalcommunication tools will bemade available including:

  • An educational bookletthat will coverthe history of thecreation of thepolder, its currentgeography, the hydraulic system and solutions to prevent risk flood
  • a gamefor schoolpupils
  • a model map which representthe main elements ofwater managementon apolder(channels water gangs, valves, pumps, doors to the sea)as well asissues related totheweatherand tides

The project ends in December 2014, with all communication materials being produced over the year.

Floodcom is a European-funded project which involves five partners across four European countries: from the UK, Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council; from Belgium, Waterweegen en Zeekanaal NV, in Antwerp; from France IIW, in St Omer; and in the Netherlands, the City of Breda.

The project promotes positive water management in lowland areas facing climate change. All partners come together in regular meetings to share best practice and the technical learning from their projects.

Floodcom was put in place as a result of severe weather events in the EU from 2007 to 2010 which resulted in loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure. These events were seen to be more common within the regions participating in the project.

Floodcom is hosting a conference, "Sharing Best Practice on Flood Alleviation", in Antwerp, Belgium on Wednesday 24th September 2014. Topics covered will include climate change, the social impact of flooding, and responses to flooding. Information about this and other aspects of the Floodcom initiative are available at www.floodcom.eu.


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