FLOODCOM recruits education adviser

Floodcom has recruited Hazel Newton in the role of Education Adviser to raise its profile and promote flood awareness in lowland areas in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands that are at risk of flooding.

Having previously worked in the design and delivery of education and training materials and as a tutor in the public sector for an Adult Community Learning College, bi-lingual Hazel has extensive knowledge of public sector education requirements.

Fluent in both English and French, Hazel attended a primary school in France and has worked all over Europe in a financial training role for an American investment bank. Hazel has a Degree in Social Psychology from the University of Essex and a Certificate in Education.

Keith Lawson, Head of Strategic Development at Essex County Council, which is the lead Floodcom partner, explained what Hazel’s role will involve: “Hazel will be responsible for developing an education workshop that will focus on flooding issues for selected schools at each project location, in conjunction with site partners. This will take the form of a pupil workbook, translated into the pupils’ home language, and accompanying teacher toolkit and learning materials.

“The workshops will be delivered later this year and into 2014. Hazel will use the experiences and feedback from the workshops to develop an international education pack for dissemination into schools and the wider community at each location.

“Hazel will also be developing geocaching activities to promote flood awareness and the Floodcom project. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which the participants use a global positioning system and other navigational techniques to hide and find containers, called geocaches or caches.

“Hazel will also oversee the development of geocache coin designs by school children in each at risk location as rewards for finding the containers. The geocache activities are planned for next spring. This activity will then be rolled out to the general public at each location to promote flood awareness and the Floodcom project.”

Commenting on her involvement with Floodcom, Hazel said: “This role pulls together all of my former experience, and makes use of my creative strengths, as well as my ability to work with children and adults in an educational environment. My language skills will prove invaluable as I will need to cross communicate with each European partner site.


For further information: Please contact Sue Wilcock at Trebuchet on 01473 213000 or email sue@trebuchetcreative.co.uk