Floodcom.EU: Free One-day Conference in Antwerp Shares Best Practice

The culmination of a two-year project will reach its conclusion when a free to attend one-day conference takes place in Antwerp on Wednesday 24 September.

Over 75 delegates from countries across Europe will be at the Floodcom.eu Flood Alleviation Conference; an INTERREG IVA 2 Seas event which showcases inter regional co-operation between 2 Seas partners from the UK, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

The aim of the Floodcom initiative is to promote positive water management in European lowland areas facing climate change. Throughout the duration of the project, all partners have regularly come together, to share best practice and their technical learning.

The Conference has a selection of interactive workshops at which lessons and practical experiences will be shared.

Workshop One will discuss building a flood defence scheme to protect 1200 homes and businesses in Chelmsford.

Workshop Two will show how lessons have been learnt when attempting to utilise a historic fort for water retention in Breda.

Workshop Three will tackle the issues around updating the water management tools of complex hydraulic infrastructures, whilst keeping the general public informed, particularly in crisis situations.

Other Workshops will focus on how to engage key stakeholders that might be affected when building a major flood prevention scheme and how public mindsets can be changed from ‘Not-In-My-Back-Yard’ to a ‘Please-In-My-Back-Yard’ consensus. An overview of activities that have been carried out within schools will also be presented, together with how the project has worked to change the attitudes of future generation towards flooding.

Floodcom is a truly international cooperation project with all partners being able to learn from one another through technical exchanges which have enabled professionals to see first-hand how flood schemes are implemented. The project involves five partners across four European countries: from the UK, Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council; from Belgium, Waterweegen en Zeekanaal NV, in Antwerp; from France IIW, in St Omer; and in the Netherlands, the City of Breda.

For more information about the free to attend conference click here. Information on other aspects of the Floodcom initiative are available at www.floodcom.eu.


For further information: Please contact Sue Wilcock at Trebuchet on 01473 213000 or email sue@trebuchetcreative.co.uk;