35 pupils from the College Gaspard Malo in Dunkirk, together with their teachers, have paid a return visit to their pen pals at the Margaretting Church of England Primary School, near Chelmsford. 

The visit was part of the education activity being carried out on the European-funded Floodcom project which involves five partners across four European countries:  the UK, Belgium, Holland and France.

The two schools took part in a geocaching activity (or modern-day treasure hunt), which provided an interactive way for the children aged between 10 and 12 years, to learn about why flooding occurs and how flood alleviation schemes reduce the risk.

The geocaching has been developed by the Floodcom Education Officer, Hazel Newton and Chelmsford City Council, as part of the education activity for the project. After partaking in a traditional English high tea laid on by the school, the children carried out preparation work in the classroom, before moving onto the outside geocaching activity. This took the pupils across meadows into the flood plain area designated as part of a proposed flood defence scheme in Margaretting, which when completed will help to protect more than 1,200 homes and businesses in Chelmsford from flooding.

This visit follows on from the pupils at Margaretting School visiting the college in Dunkirk in March and is a collaboration of Floodcom partners, Essex County Council, Chelmsford City Council and AGUR (Dunkirk).

Floodcom promotes positive water management in European lowland areas facing climate change. All partners come together in regular meetings to share best practice and the technical learning from their projects.

Floodcom is hosting a conference, "Sharing Best Practice on Flood Alleviation", in Antwerp, Belgium on Wednesday 24th September 2014. Topics covered will include climate change, the social impact of flooding, and responses to flooding. Information about this and other aspects of the Floodcom initiative are available at www.floodcom.eu.



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