Working with the partners, the education advisor has devised an innovative education project that teaches schoolchildren aged 10-12 about why flooding occurs and how flood alleviation schemes mitigate flooding.

Also, an Education website has been developed to help with the progress of the Education Activity.

The Education website has been constructed as part of the education activity to share information about the site projects to the school children across all of the partner locations.  There are activities within their workbook which direct them to use the site and this is where the geocaching instructions will be.  Furthermore, children at each location will be designing their own geocoin which they will upload to the website so that a gallery is available to choose winning designs from.  Schoolchildren across the locations will be able to judge each others’ designs so that the coins can be produced.

Another important result of the project is the Floodcom International Education Pack available in English, French and Dutch and developed by the education officer at Essex County Council in collaboration with project partners. This was produced as part of an innovative educational activity that has engaged the local community through working with schools.

A workshop of materials for children and teachers was developed to enable children in the 10-12 age group to understand the issues of flooding and the need for the construction of flood defences. Workbooks, case studies, quizzes, an interactive website and a flood detective game were also accompanied by a geocaching activity – a kind of high-tech treasure hunt - at the location of the flood defences. As well as taking part in the geocaching, the children were also asked to design the geocoins at each location – which was the treasure to be found.

The activities and pupil materials are characterised by our very own mascot – the Flood Detective, who also takes the children through levels of a fun interactive game.

For the educators involved in the programme, a teacher toolkit has also been devised to accompany and facilitate the delivery of the activities. Presentations have been made to provide accompanying visuals for the pupils and act as useful prompts for the teachers. A detailed scheme of work is available and lesson plans have been produced with curriculum cross references, step-by-step teaching guidance and technical appendices to ensure that teachers have all the information they need.

We intend for the education activity to be used beyond the life of the project, both in the participating schools and to be extended to other schools in similar circumstances. The Essex Fire and Rescue Service, for example, is investigating how the education pack can be integrated into its existing educational programme and used in schools across Essex. The geocaching activities will remain at the sites and continue to educate communities about flood alleviation schemes and also act as models for other sites to emulate their practice.